Friday, February 5, 2010

Cupid's Billion Dollar Empire

Well hello there gorgeous...

Have I told you lately that you have beautiful sexy eyes. They glitter each time you blink, and change color twice a day. When those hips move, the world stands still. Let's not forget your smile that melts the coldest of hearts, and your voice, oh baby, that voice that is enchanting and mesmerizing, blows me away each time you speak. What any man would not give to be in your company.

Now I have your attention, it must be a great feeling to have those words translated into gifts and getaways. Well guess what honey......

Cupid is paying close attention to those feelings, and has found many many creative and financially accepted ways to create a win-win situation, for you, him and everyone.

The roses, chocolates, balloons, lingeries, teddy bears, reservations for dinner, short weekend getaways, babysitters for the night, babysitters for the weekend.

What about the more lavish gifts like jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, wristwaches, pendants and even brooches. Turn it up an extreme notch to the rich and famous. Let's bring on the gifts of cars, houses, horses, yachts, and over-the-top shopping sprees. Cupid is one savvy business guy, arrow in hand and a book or receipts in his bag. Amazing.

In the United States alone, over $100m is spent on flowers alone, towards the celebration of love. Dare I mention that these flowers are perishable, and therefore are dead and gone in a couple weeks, if not less. This business of love is recession proof, it is not political or spiritual, but it is definitely euphoric, which is the main reason why it drives people to such surprising levels of investment.

Yes, I said investment. A good Valentine's day gift, practically guarantees a guy immunity from any past grudges or pending fights, for that one day. The more abundant or expensive the gift, the more he could 'probably' get away with 'almost' anything. Ultimately, his gifts (investments) have just bought him a royal treatment in the bedroom, including million dollar smiles and the most affection any man can wish for. To be fair, in recent years, women have been scrutinized for not getting gifts for the guys. Now, some women get a little gift to 'clear the air', which I know the men appreciate. It's good to show a little kindness from time to time.

By the time morning comes around, the 'high' is gone and we all go about our normal business, making Cupid a happy, rich guy, all over again.

I'm sorry, but what the true meaning of love again?

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